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Jul 27, 2011

Ilia van Gastel took an impressive 2nd place with 966-TE at the 2011 Euro's in Luxembourg.

He stayed very close and at same pace of winner Collari right until the end with just a 6 seconds gap at the finish line.

Ilia made the 7th fastest qualifying time with his Serpent 966-TE version with Xceed ZX engine and using Xceed tyres.

Michael Salven was close to reaching the final, but in the last lap of the semi Vrielinck snatched away the 4th place by making a questionable overtaking manoever.

Serpent's Mark Green saw his chances evaporate in the 1st lap of the semi final when his engine broke. Bad luck to for superb racing Serpent Kyle Branson who suffered a servo break in the 1st lap of his semi-final.

More reports and images to follow.

Team Serpent

More Serpent ace drivers are present like Mark Green and Ilia van Gastel. Also some younger Serpent talents will show their skills like Kyle Bransson, Alessio Mazzeo, Marrone, Daan Haling, van Stay and Toni Gruber and more.

A few Serpent aces can not attend; Fransson due his real car broke down driving to the EC, and Andrea Cristiani due to his studies.

Also our fastest female driver Sabrina Lechner from Germany will be puhsing hard to make the semi or even better. Her very fast pit-crew will help.

We wish all Serpent drivers the best of luck, dry weather and a great race to achive their personal best.

Team Serpent

Team Serpent has bene running at the EC 1/8 scale since monday.

Today timed practise starts: live streaming here:

Michael Salven is leading the Serpent mission with the brandnew Serpent 966-TE version, a further developed car since the Worlds. Most of the Serpent drivers are using this or an intermediate version of the 966.