My location: United States
Jul 12, 2011

The 5th round of Indonesian EP National Championship was held in Sunter International Speedway. 40 drivers attended the race with Hot sunny weather drawed the qualifying round.

I represent Serpent for the first time, making the debut race for the brand new S411 on the Pro Stock touring class, the primary class for Indonesian EP National Championship which i still lead the standings point.

i've done Many change from the basic setup to suit my driving style on the low grip medium technical track.

The chance looked very well since i locked the TQ spot from the best run on 1st qualifying. The car contained much steering but need more rear grip.

On the lunch break, i did to try larger number of gear diff oil. Having made to the 3000 cst oil, the car provide much better off throttle traction without decreasing on throttle traction,
i decided to run this setup for the final.
The leg 1 done well for me, pushed the car for the first 2 minute and spread the gap from the 2nd place, Teddy Syach 8 seconds back. i had looked many gap from the 2nd place
so i ran on steady-safe pace. i ended the run 1 on first place, 1 lap away from the second place, Teddy.
The leg 2 ran on wet codition caused from the rain. i decided to not change everything except changed the shock position. Race on wet surface condition need more concentration
and that's what i hold for the run. no need to fast, but steady. Done well for 3rd minute while Teddy haunted behind me, bad luck for me when my car loss grip on the sweeper,
hit the wall barrier and cutted my battery strap. No chance for this leg but after recovered on 6th minute, i've able to set the best lap.
The 3rd leg gonna be the urgent run for me and Teddy to won the race. This run done on night behind the spread of big L.E.D lamp, but still on wet condition. I decided to
used 2000 cst gear diff oil from 3000 previously. Effected well since the car felt easier to drive. having lead since the start signal beeped, i kept the car very hard on the dry race line all 8 minutes long. I never look around except concentrated for the car's line. Finally, i've done a sensational S411 debut race with the victory thanks to 1st and 3rd leg win. It was a great effort for me since i just received the car 8 days before the race. With this result, i still hold the standings point leading position, 10 points in front of Teddy Syach which on 2nd. I'll keep the position for the rest two round of this year to took the national champion title.

I want to say many thank's to God, my dad, Mr. Harris Jacob,, Mr. Adi Darmawan and also Ronald Baar. I hope to see bright future with this new racing experience.

inal Result :
1. Bowie Ginting - 20 pts SERPENT S411 (TQ)
2. Teddy Syach - 19 pts
3. Ronny Suwarto - 15 pts
4. Suwardi Suliandy - 15 pts
5. Chandra Yosef - 14 pts
6. Rama Tribudiman - 14 pts
7. Ronald Kasengkang - 12 pts
8. Ade - 11 pts
9. Andhyka Pranusatya - 11 pts
10.Andy Sanjaya - 7 pts

Team Serpent Indonesia