My location: United States
Apr 13, 2011

The 1st 2 heats have been raced on wednesday, with last 2 groups not racing heta 2 due to rain. They are allowed to run today.

Heat 3 and 4 still to go. Due to the new tyres rules / discussions, only 4 heats instead of 6.

For Serpent its Morganti on 6, Salven on 12 ( his 1st heat was better, but car was underweight, as he fogot he lend his weight to team -mate Cristiani earlier), 19th supertalent Kyle Bransson and on 20 Mark Green. Other Serpent drivers also show good speed, but lack consistency in driving.

Sabrina Lechner, Serpent/Xceed female top-driver is in position 50 and expect to jump up more today.

If the weather holds up, then and will be posting times and news again.

Team Serpent