My location: United States
Mar 30, 2011

Hello Andrea,

The WC will already start in a few days from now....:

Q: How was the test you made in USA ?
AC: The test was pretty good; laptimes were similar to the pre-worlds ones even if this doesn’t mean so much..anyway the weather conditions were similar to the ones that we will find in a few days at the race, so this is a good point. Other top drivers were testing at that moment so i had also an opportunity to compare my performances with the others.

Q: Which qualifying result do you expect for the WC ?
AC: The direct semi-final would be fine

Q: Do you like the WC track, and if yes why ?
AC: I like the layout of the track; maybe i just would like a shorter straight. I like the track also because the surface is smooth and you must keep concentrated. No mistake is allowed so the driver can make the difference.

Q: Did you test any special parts for the WC ?
AC: Yes we tested some new parts. Some of them works good and they should be available for all the team at the race.

Q: Who will be your mechanic at the race ?
AC: My dad Marcello, as usual.

Q: Which brands engine, radio, body and tyres will you use ?
AC: I will use Max Power XL9 TQR engine, Sanwa radio, Enneti tyres and probably Xceed Zytec body.

Well we wish you good luck at the WC, and hope to see you on top of the podium!

Team Serpent