My location: United States
Mar 1, 2011

Last Weekend I attend the Ko Propo Grand Prix in Los Angeles, California

In Sedan, after a thrilling finale, Walter Diaz was able to win his 733.

In 1/8 scale Paolo Morganto took the win with 966-EVO.

In 1/8 there were 4 Serpents 966.
Jon “Iron Man” Prather with 966-evo, despite having really bad luck in the qualys, bump all the way from the C to the A Main. In the Main a wrong pit strategy for a podium finish.

Walter Diaz was also in the 1/8 scale main, but his engine did not cooperate and he was not able to show his potential

Young Christian Lopez drove an excellent race and he finish second.

Paolo Morganti TQ-ed 1/8 ahead of Mike Schwauger and was was able to win the race completing a 1-2 for the Serpent 966 EVO

Thanks to GLARCC for an excellent organization and Ko Propo for sponsoring event.

Special thanks to Team Kamikaze for the hospitality.

Paolo Morganti
Team Serpent America

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