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Jan 31, 2011

Great results for Serpent in the Philipines, with Clemen taking top honours for Serpent. Jordan Go in excellent 3rd place and 7 Serpent Cobra in the final.

Find below report !

First of all, a VERY SUCCESSFULL SANWA CUP held at the NewJUNKYARD RACETRACK in Quezon City, Philippines on jan 30,2011 by DOGBONE HOBBY SHOP.

Well, this would not have happened without the help from above, a very nice weather . Ofcourse, to all the RACERS who joined us , racers who travelled all the way from Batanggas, Nueva Ecija, Dubai,Hawaii, Los Angeles and other parts of the Philippines . Congratulations to you guys!!!!!!
The 1/8th nitro race yesterday was composed of almost 40 players with 3 groups , A , B ,C Main with about 12 players on each main. All players had a wonderfull time racing for 45 mins for B and C main and 1 hour for A main. The new Junkyard Racetrack looks very simple to race but a lot of players not only from C and B main but also from A main got confused with their set up especially with their suspensions. After the finals of B and C main, the track got a bit bumpy. You've got to be very carefull on which racing line togo to avoid your car flipping over. The Tripple jump having 2 racing line to choose whether to go with the tripple or a double , single. Although its sunny, the temperature was a bit cold and some racers needed to tune their engines before the finals . These kind of things really make offroad a lot of FUN FUN FUN. There were 3 -10 mins qualifying and 1 best to count for the Mains positioning. The qualifying started around 10 a.m and the finals C main started around 2 pm. The race ended early at around 5;30 p.m and that gave way for a lot of players to hang around, had some beerssssss untill 8-9pm. The Best part racers were waiting was the Grand Raffle. 1 unit of The New Sanwa MT4 was raffled and it landed on the hand of one of the best racers, not only with RC but with real car, JODY COSETENG. Bro, congratulation!!!!!!!!

His name says it all, GENIUS- Jordan Go, imagine, running first from the start untill midway of the A main with his Serpent and Force engine when suddenlly his wing got loosed, had to pit and fixed it. later receiver low batt, had to pit and changed batterry. Dropped from first to seventh place. After 10 minutes, he was able to gain his position from seventh to third place. Game over. Might be able to grab the first place given with few more minutes , but it wont be an easy one because he has to pass Raffy Abello with his new Durango and Clemen pancho with his Serpent n novarossi engine.

Final results, 2 serpent drivers on the podium, Clemen pancho(serpent/novarossi plus4) first place and Raffy abello(Durango/ninja engine) second place and Jordan Go( Serpent/force engine) third place. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Of all the almost 40 entries, there were 10 Serpent racers showed up and Serpent dominated the A main by having 7 serpent drivers out of 12 racers in this category.

Team Serpent Philippines