My location: United States
Jan 23, 2011

Markus Mobers, Serpent pan-car co-designer and tester, from Germany, is ready to leave for the USA soon , to take part in one of the biggest rc car races in the world, the SNOWBIRDS.

Mobers will race the 1/12 scale stock and modified class with the Serpent S120 Link.

Mobers also will race the 1/10 scale Serpent S100 pancar in the World GT class. He had his S100 re-anodised to orange, but thats a one-off only :)

Later this year Markus will enter for the EPS France edition, to prepare for the European Championships, that will run in France this year too.

As soon as the Snowbirds start Mobers will try to make a small daily report and some images.

Feel free to go over to the Serpent pit-area and ask Mobers advice on the S120L or S100 set-ups.

Team Serpent