My location: United States
Jan 21, 2011

Hello, from a very cold CRCRC race, lots of snow and ice Outside.

Today was a very productive day for the team..a lot of the guys focused on selecting the right tires for their setups and car..It appears holeshots,grid irons and megabyte tires are the basic choices. I personally liked the holeshots..

I believe I posted the fastest lap time of 20.2 in both classes.. buggy and truggy I am sitting 2nd in both classes after the practice qualifying..they took the three fastest consecutive laps to decide your seeding.

The serpent cars are really looking good and the Serpent Cobra truggy was also quite impressive..Many people were very excited about our cars speed and performance..

So far the setups are a bit Mixed.. I am running a slight variation on my worlds set up.. The shock package and a few things are different on the front end..the traction is very high and managing all the grip is quite challenging..

More images here:,-USA.html

Team Serpent