My location: United States
Dec 1, 2010

Hello everyone,

Here we are in the trophy serpent rc sprint, held in the track of Battipaglia, near Naples. Very important race, we saw the triumph with our serpent 733, that throughout the weekend proved to be very fast and reliable. The final was held on Sunday afternoon saw us win by 3 laps of the second ranking Mario Spiniello, passed to an Xray Nt end of this season. The great performance of the machine also allows us to break down what was the track record, which was previously known of 14.8 14.3, exceptional performance, even if we think that the second mile in the final round, was well higher than 4 / 10 to ours.

Having said that we are now waiting for the next race, the trophy that jp svolegerà Sunday, December 19 in the track of Trapani in Sicily, as always thank my great mechanic fabio, and see you at the next race

Ciao Ciao

Alessio Mazzeo