My location: United States
Nov 10, 2010

Serpent is at the Worlds with a fairly small but active and well experienced team.

We like to introduce them to you here.

Start of with Billy Easton as team captain, being also the designer and tester of the Serpent Cobra.

Next up is Niclas Brunsberg from Sweden, who joined Serpent in late september. His mechanic is Klas the Swedisch Serpent importer.

Niclas is almost always in the A-Mains of the races in Sweden, and this category is BIG in Sweden.

Chad Phillips from USA is a great Serpent Cobra driver and more used to the huge jumps and technical tracks.

Jordan Go from the Philipines is having a go at this very hard and technical Thailand track, but he is used to that from his home-tracks too.

Clemente Pancho also from the Philipines and a true Serpent fan. He is doing well and enjoys the whole WC atmosfere and being able to watch the top guys from around the World.

Good luck to all of them and the final stages of qualifying on friday.

Team Serpent