My location: United States
Nov 9, 2010

We made it again !!!

Rc Performance - Serpent Race Team - Brazil won again in Nitrocross Cup ( São Paulo - Brazil) this time during the 5th Round !!

Early in the morning we´ve made the best lap during Free Pratice. It show us that we´re HOT this round !!

During qualifying once again Heitor made the best laptime and start on POLE-POSITON !

This series format is two mains of 25 minute each. Heitor was on fire and won BOTH mains !!!!!!

The SERPENT 811 proves his performance and extreme resistence, running all the day in Dust Raising Circuit without a single failure, just FAST and PRECISE !!!

With this win Heitor had a huge advantage in series points, so next november 21th during the 6th round ( and last one) he only need to finish in fourth place to be the NITROCROSS CHAMPION -2010

Till november 21th !!!
RC Performance Brazilian Serpent Team