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Oct 18, 2010

The last race for the West championship was raced in Dormagen, Germany.

In Qualifying Heep was 3rd, very close behind Baldes and Wurst, with Serpent driver Vahrenkamp. Both Hepp and Vahrenkamp had good chance to be overall Champion.

Hepp needed to win and Vahrenkamp needed a 2nd place.

In the final it was Hepp with Serpent 966 that won, 3 laps ahead of Baldes, and Vahrenkamp in 3rd with Serpent too.

After a very wet saturday of practise, less drivers came on the sunday. Thats a shame as sunday was cold but dry. Still over 70 drivers is a really good turn-out for such late autumn race.

Team Serpent Germany

Uwe Baldes