My location: United States
Oct 5, 2010

Francisco Lara

My experience with Serpent goes back a few years back where I started my journey into the category of 1 / 8 PG with a 950R, later moving to 960, but I have to say that this 966 is the best serpent I've ever known. The corner entry is very good without losing grip in the rear, both with or without gas, maintenance is simple and materials are of good quality, having a reliable beyond doubt.

This serpent 966 (which had been tuned and with 2 races by Nacho López) I put on track the first time in Valladolid CE. From the first moment, the sensations were very good, with an easy drive and at the same time with the aggressiveness needed to attack the tight corners of the circuit. After the qualifying was in the 6th absolute position to 2 seconds to have qualified to the final! My best qualifying in my history!.
In the semifinals, taking an appropriate pace and keeping the first position, in the absence of 10 minutes, I had an engine shutdown and when I went back to the track I was in the 8th position, climbing to fifth place, but being impossible for me to go to the absolute end.
In the final +40, which I went with number 1, I escaped from the beginning, and although the engine was still giving me problems in low, I won the race and I could fight for the EC in the next race in Madrid.

A month and a half later we arrived to Madrid on Friday mid-morning with the intention of shooting and put the engine tuned, check fuel consumption, etc, as the setup for the circuit was done by Nacho Lopez, who had been training the previous weekend, and became pilots Serpent a sheet with the set-up that he considered most appropriate.

The car from the beginning was very fast in all aspects, although my driving, I made some small tweaks to the setup, which improved my confidence to attack the very fast corners on this circuit.

The engine was the problem, from Valladolid, as I said before, it was having me problems, and here it ended his life from his sleeve in half. The only engine available was a Picco, 2010 was generously given by Paco Lopez, and which, once mounted clutch, I asked him to help me track carburizing. Said and done. Within 10 minutes he was rolling in times more than acceptable and a very reliable motor without stopping.

On Saturday I got to do a good qualifying to start up and it tooks me to 5th place with just 1.5 sec from direct access to the absolute end, and marking very close to my closest rival for the championship of +40. As the circuit was taking more grip, my times did not improve, and those of other drivers themselves, not finding a logical explanation. At the end of the qualifying, I was in 9th place and my +40 opponent has done a superb fourth qualifying and placed in 8th place, so I was in the semis and to the final +40 with No. 2.

I have to note an important detail which I think was very important in the final development of the race. At the end of the day of qualifying, we had time for free practice. As it had not been able to improve the last qualifying, I asked Nacho Lopez if I could prove that wheels Xceed he was using. Immediately I went out on track without touching anything else and with the help of Paco Lopez to check consumption, and the change was extraordinary. If the 966 was fine before, now went much better, so I decided to ask Nacho if he could give me Xceed wheels for racing on Sunday. I know that I put him in a compromise, but as always, he agreed because he knew that we were playing a lot.

In the semifinal started with 3, and since the beginning, the whole motor-car was spectacular and soon I got the lead, maintaining that pace until the end and finishing first! We're at the absolute end! My surprise was even greater when I saw that I did more laps than the winner of the other semifinal and at the end I would star with number 5 in the final.

After my semifinal, there was the exit to the final +40, in which I played the Spanish championship. Just a moment to clean the car, change the battery, change the wheels and go to the track.

The start was exciting and my opponent maintained the position through the first corners, but the serpent was very fast, although having large wheels, since wear of the circuit is high and the final was 30 minutes. On lap 4, my opponent left a hole that I took for myself first and try to distance. I was getting little by little and 5 minutes away the distance was nearly half-circuit. This, coupled with rapid refueling by Paco Lopez, who offered to help me with my wife, Carmen, which makes me like mechanic for many years, and which I am eternally grateful, made me even more distanced. At 10 minutes, my opponent has engine problems, which made no relax too much, do not risk much in the corners and was relatively comfortable, with an advantage midway through the race was 2 laps. In the end, with an impeccable reliability of Serpent 966 and engine of Picco, I crossed the finish line, winning the race and proclaimed Spanish champion of +40.

In summary, I have to say that in my short time with the Serpent 966, I received full support from Paco and Nacho López, without which, I'm sure I would not have succeeded. Thanks again.

I hope to fight the next season to regain the title and continue to enjoy as I have with this car.

Happy Racing,
Till next time
Francisco Lara