My location: United States
Oct 3, 2010

Dear Racers,

On Wednesday started the free practice for the German champ until Friday. But the weather forecast said until Saturday hard rain etc. and exactly like that it was.
The practice was very good for everyone... I was always in the top 15
On Friday we took the best 5 fastest laps together and with this result we got our qualificationsgroup.

My group was ok. The fastest at this time were Salven, Pietsch, D'hondt and Dankel. But Dankel goes Saturday not on the start in the rain. Saturday the quali were very shit, the track was so dirty and wet!

We build a rain car for Klaus, Andreas Giesa, Katharina – Stephan Hein and me.. This was good, because we could test a lot during the heats. Just Andreas and I we had sometimes unluck with the heat because one time broked the gas servo than the belt and so we had just one heat safe. With this heat I was at the 12 place and Andreas around 20 for the quarterfinal...

Klaus had a good heat he was direct at 4 place after 5heats. Stephan and Katharina were booth in the same semifinal :-)

Everybody was so happy that Saturday finished, because it was a very ugly day.. All the place and track were full of mud and rain, and nobody from the club did something against this big problems!! All clothes and shoes were destroyed. I think about organization about places etc was this one of the worst races I ever was. And I felt so near the track not really safe....

Klasse II direct after 5 qualis in the rain:
1. Dirk Drechsler
2. Timo Schröder
3. Oliver Lembeck
4. Klaus Lechner

Klasse I:
1. Michael Salven
2. Jürgen Hennemuth
3. Robert Pietsch
4. Christoph Pietsch

Happy that Sunday was in the calender... Last day in the mud, wet and cold!! Sunday it was not raining, but the track was until lunch time wet, and we could drive very slow with normal tyres.. because for all rain tyres it was already to dry!

My semifinal was after the lunch... I started from 4 position but I couldn't took this place for a long time; after a mistake the race was finished for me. From one side I was sad because I wanted to go into the final, but from the other side I was happy, because I was so sad about the organisation and the situation around the track that I was not really good concentrated....

But the Finale in Klasse II was the best... I just can say congratulation to Klaus Lechner, he is the new German Champ 2010

1. Klaus Lechner – S 966 - idm
2. Marcel Henriksen
3. Alexander Schmitt
4. Eckart Blau
5. Timo Schröder
6. Michael Henschel - S966
7. Oliver Lembeck - S966
8. Sascha Wettengel – S966
9. Olaf Engelmann
10. Dirk Drechsler

In Klasse I was Salven TQ and he was also the fastest guy there.. But unfortunately he made a mistake, and Pietsch could go in front!!
1. Robert Pietsch
2. Andreas Giesea – S 966
3. Philip Sting
4. Andreas Hammerl
5. Christoph Pietsch
6. Robin D'hondt
7. Steven Cypers
8. Michael Salven – S 966
9. Jürgen Hennemuth – S 966
10. Armin Baier

The other Serpent drivers in Klasse I. In the end we were 82 drivers, the rest of the guys didn't race in the rain on Saturday!
11. Toni Gruber
14. Merlin Depta
15. Alain Levy
16. Karl-Heinz Meister
17. Tobias Hepp
18. Sabrina Lechner
20. Manu Dietrich
22. Frank Schewiola
25. Michael Pätz
28. Friedrich Debert
29. Ralf Vahrenkamp
40. Jörg Wäldle

Thanks to: serpent – maxpower – GQ tyres – MLC fuel – SAVOX Servo – LMI-racing – TEAM TITAN – my candy team

Thanks to my mechanic Papa and Veronica for the good job like always!
And thanks to Matthias for the good work together in the pitlane for Klaus!

See you next time
ciao ciao