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Sep 27, 2010

Klaus Lechner is German Champion in class 2 on Serpent 966, Michael Salven TQ and Andreas Giesa finished on two in class one, all with Serpent 966

Last weekend the the German nationals took place on the track of MSC Rötz in the south of Germany.
Wednesday morning the free practice started and more the 50 drivers took the opportunity to test their cars in dry conditions.
Also Thursday Morning the track was open for free testing with up to 15 cars on track.

In the afternoon the referee started training in groups an a first glance to the lap times of the favourites was possible.
The Serpent 966 were able to go the pace in both classes.

Friday morning the official timed training in groups of ten started and again the Serpent showed their impressive performance in both classes.

Saturday was the day of the qualifying. Rainy conditions were challenging the drivers and the cars, but Michael Salven found the best Setup for his Serpent and took TQ for the final.
Jürgen Hennemuth was on two, Robert Pitsch on three. Andreas Giesa had bad luck and had to go threw the quarter final.

In class two Serpent pilots Klaus Lechner and Oliver Lembeck were able to reach the 4th place and was direct qualified for the final.

Sunday morning the finals were started without rain, but on a wet track.
In Class two Michael Henschel and Sascha Wettengel were able to reach the main final.

After an exiting race Klaus Lechner finished first and took the double german champion and german champion 40+.

In class two Andreas Giesa had a long way to go, but finally he made it finished the quarter final on one, the semi final on two.
In the beginning of the final, Michael Salven was able to use his pole postion to take the lead. Robert Pitsch was a little faster an after around 5 Minutes he was able to pass Michael.
After an aggressive run he made a small mistake an crashed his car.
Andreas was coming from 8th position and was fighting over 45 minutes.
Finally he finished an second position behind Robert Pitsch.

Result class 1
1 Pietsch, Robert
2 Giesa Andreas (Serpent/Max)
3 Sting Philip
4 Hammerl Andreas
5 Pietsch Christoph
6 D'Hondt Robin
7 Cuypers Steven
8 Salven Michael (Serpent/Mega)
9 Hennemuth Jürgen (Serpent/Mega)
10 Baier Armin

Result class 2
1 Lechner, Klaus (Serpent/Max)
2 Henriksen, Marcel
3 Schmitt, Alexander
4 Blau, Eckart
5 Schröder, Timo
6 Henschel, Michael (Serpent/Mega)
7 Lembeck, Oliver (Serpent/Nova)
8 Wettengl, Sascha (Serpent/Nova)
9 Engelmann ,Olaf
10 Drechsler Dirk

Team Serpent, Germany