My location: United States
Sep 1, 2010

Dear racers,

last weekend we meet us in Hildesheim in the north of Germany for the last EFRA GP 2010. But the weather forcast was not really good, and it was unfortunatly true, because we had more rain then dry! On wednesday i had some luck to test something because there it was just cold but dry for the hole day. On thursday it was rainig very hard (so no test during the day)

Friday started also with rain, but everybody could do some turns in the afternoon, but it was really sad because only 27 drivers found the track in Hildesheim, and only 11 drivers from other countries, the rest only Germany! And for my opinion was this race only a small fun race, but not an EFRA GP. Birgit Debert and Markus Fleischmann organiced the whole race.
Saturday morning started the qualification, and we had no possibility before to check our cars at the technical inspection :-( My first heat of 6 was ok, just a save run but i made two small mistakes, so i was at 5th place. The next 2 heats i could not finished of some unluck; and the technical inspections was suspect; one time fuel tank to big, body to high, spoiler to high, but never we changed something, this was really very strange.... heat 4 get my engine to lean and in heat 5 in the last minutes rain again; no chance to go directly, because the lap times were really fast but only for 6 minutes long. And heat 6 we could not drive, because it started to rain again :-(

TQ after 6 heats:
1. Lars Hoppe
2. Ilia van Gastel, 966
3. Andreas Giesa, 966
4. Tobias Hepp, 966

So i had to do the semi in 3th position, and i could go in the final with a second place, Merlin won it. In the end we had 7 serpents in the final. My plan was to do the 45 minutes with one set of tyres, but unfortunatly after 15 minutes broke my engine, we changed it immediately but i lost to much time, in the end was the podium place a big fight between Ilia and Andreas. But Ilia could win it with 2 seconds in front of Andreas, and 2 laps behind was Merlin... congratz guys to serpent podium! Karl-Heinz Meister had also an good run, was on second position, but his second gear broke up..

1. Ilia van Gastel, 966
2. Andreas Giesa, 966
3. Merlin Depta, 966
4. Steven Cypers
5. Karl-Heinz Meister, 966
6. Lars Hoppe
7. Niko Vandernikel
8. Marcus Lindner, 966
9. Tobias Hepp, 966
10. Sabrina Lechner, 966 – Max – GQ tyres

I would like to say thanks to my mechanics Klaus and Francy they did again a great job everywhere, just the luck was not so with me, but we will see next race :-)

thanks to: Serpent – Max power – GQ tyres – MLC fuel – Savox – Team Titan – LMI-Racing – my candy team