My location: United States
Aug 29, 2010

13 year old Takumi Matsuda, the young Japanse Serpent 733 drivers that reached the World Final, comming from 36th place after qualifying was not easy. Below the interview:

Q: how do you feel after the Worlds ?
A: I had great experiences, and enjoyed it a lot.
I appreciate the people who helped me. I continue practice for
the next WC.

Q: which car, engine, pipe, body, radio did you use ?
A: Serpent 733, Mega ZX-12 EM DS4 with IDM2617 pipe, Xceed Audi body and Sanwa M11X radio

Q: did you expect to be in the final of the WC before the race ?
I thought I would be lucky if I could reach the final.
Frankly, I was not confident, as it was my 1st WC.

Q; which qualifying position did you manage and how
A: 36th place as fuel consumption was the biggest competitor.

Q: at some point you were in 2nd place in the final, what happened after that ?
A: During the final it was very hot and my sweat came into my eye, and it hurt. So I released my hand from transmitter and wiped my eye. During it, my car hit a board and I and got one wheel broken.

Q: who is your pit-crew and are they fast enough ?
A: My father and Yuya Sahashi. They were perfect.

Q: How old are you and what is your level at school ?
13 years old, I am in the second grade at junior high school.

Q: do you only race 1/10 gas, or also other classes ?
A: Only GP touring.

Q: when will be your next big race ?
A: It is Japan National for GP touring on September.

Thanks Takumi, and good luck for the Japan Nats.

Team Serpent