My location: United States
Aug 23, 2010

1/10 scale European Championship, Gotenburg, Sweden

Serpent 733 racer Kyle Branson, 16 year old, from the UK is crowned Junior European Champion 2010. We like to congratulate Kyle with this great achievement. Welcome to the hall of fame !

Kyle is also the current leader in the UK 1/10 championship with Serpent 733, in the very competitive UK Series.

In the EC qualifying Kyle managed the 11th spot, made in the only real dry qualifier, and managed an overall 12th place in the event.

The spot for the main final was within reach, but an exceptional engine flame-out, 2 minutes after refueling, in the semi-final, made an end to his attempt to reach the final. Looking at laptimes / speed, it would have been very possible.

We wish Kyle Branson all the best in the UK series rest of the year, and in his 1/8 scale racing as well. Plans for the WC 1/8 Worlds in Florida april 2011 ?

Team Serpent