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Aug 4, 2010

Round 3 of the Malaysia Shepherd Cup was held on 1st August, 2010 at Niko Racing Circuit, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. There were 2 classes at this event: 48 racers in 1/10 Sedan 200mm Class, and 13 racers in 1/8 GP Class. This race consist racers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The race format was three rounds of 5 mins qualifying for each class. The weather was really unpredictable. It was hot and shiny day on the Saturday practice day. On Race day the rain fell the night before and a few minutes before the race started in the morning. All racers eagerly waiting for the rain to stop and finally it does stop and the sun comes out once again.

Team Shepherd and Team Xray looks so strong with their line up drivers for both class while Team Serpent much depend on their local favorite driver, Kimie. With the present of Singapore Shepherd Distributor and their sponsor driver, Nelson Lee headed for the Team Shepherd while Team Xray much rely on their Xray International sponsor driver from Indonesia, Erwin Luhur. In the 1st Heat Group 1, Erwin Luhur takes the lead from the beginning and set the TQ pace. Then it comes for the Team Shepherd driver, Nelson Lee will face the Team Serpent driver, Kimie in the 2nd Group. Positioned second behind Nelson Lee, Kimie is pushing hard to get the best time for the qualifying. He ended 2nd place behind Nelson due to run out of fuel on the 18 laps. 2nd Heat starts with new TQ time set by Erwin Luhur with 19 laps 5:00.779s and this has given more pressure to the rest of the driver. Calmly start’s from the same position, Kimie shows a magnificent driving skill to overtake Nelson and lead till the end of the heat time. Finally he's the only 20 lappers with 5:12.597s. He decided not to run the remaining qualifying round and satisfied with the timing that he had done and will concentrate for the 1/8 GP class.

In the 1/8 GP class, strong line up again from Team Shepherd followed by Team Serpent and Team Kyosho. Again Team Serpent will rely on their local favorite driver Kimie to clinch the championship because he is also the Round 2 champion for the race. Positioned 1st in the second group, Kimie take the lead with his Mega powered S966 from beginning to the end of the qualifying round. With one mistake trapped in the island, Kimie manage to get the best time and TQ for the 1st run. He again decided not to run in the remaining qualifying round to give more time for him to prepare for the 1/10 final.

Just before the final starts, it’s raining again and this time it doesn’t look good because the dark cloud was too thick. After waiting for quite sometimes the Race Director declared the race is over and the full result depends on the qualifying round. Kimie from Team Serpent TQ'ed both category and was crowned the Malaysia Shepherd Rd 3 Champion for the 1/10 Sedan 200mm class and 1/8 GP class. Here is the full A Main result :

1/10 Class
1. Kimie (Serpent 733) Malaysia 20 laps 5:12.597s
2. Erwin Luhur (Xray NT1) Indonesia 19 laps 5:00.779s
3. Niko Cheng (Shepherd V10) Malaysia 19 laps 5:03.121s
4. Nelson Lee (Shepherd V10) Singapore 19 laps 5:06.450
5. Rosli (TM G4RS) Singapore 19 laps 5:09.143s
6. Don Chng (Xray NT1) Singapore 19 laps 5:11.257s
7. Barry Koo (Xray NT1) Singapore 19 laps 5:11.397s
8. Zalliq (MTX4R) Malaysia 19 laps 5:12.987s
9. Sky (Shepherd V10) Malaysia 19 laps 5:15.316s
10. SL Wong (Xray NT1) Malaysia 19 laps 5:15.367s

1/8 Class
1. Kimie (Serpent 966) Malaysia 21 laps 5:08.460s
2. Nelson Lee (Shepherd V8) Singapore 21 laps 5:19.534s
3. Niko Cheng (Shepherd V8) Malaysia 21 laps 5:12.159s
4. Don Chng (Shepherd V8) Singapore 21 laps 5:12.705s
5. CK Lee (Serpent 966) Malaysia 20 laps 5:02.055s
6. Haji Jusri (Serpent 966) Malaysia 20 laps 5:07.769s
7. Roger Hammlet (Shepherd V8) Singapore 20 laps 5:08.136s
8. SL Wong (Kyosho M3) Malaysia 20 laps 5:12.121s
9. Wui Kiat (Serpent 966) Singapore 20 laps 5:12.588s
10. Pason (Serpent 966) Singapore 20 laps 5:13.422s

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Team Serpent Malaysia