My location: United States
Jul 29, 2010

Dear Racers,

A update about what is going on on the Gulf Coast Raceway in Houston.

The forth round is finished and the standings are for our drivers in the top 20:
5th Tadahiko Sahashi
10th Scott Kimbrow
13th Paolo Morganti
14th Michael Salven
18th DJ Apolaro
20th Yuya Sahashi

They will run a other round tonight, starting at 7pm here in Houston.

This round will be runned under flood lights that are on the track.

This run should be the fastes, temperature will be lower and then the engines and tyres normaly will work better.

So we hope to get more Serpents in the top 20 and get in the main final.

We will keep you posted what happends tonight.

Team Serpent.