My location: United States
Jun 6, 2010

We have had EC warm-up in 1:10 and nordic championship in Gothenburg this weekend. It went well for Bengt Andersson, he made it to the main final from the semi final in both classes with Serpent 966 and Serpent 733. He ended in place four in both classes and I think that was very good of him!

I´m also very happy about Markus Lindner with Serpent 966 he ended second. He was one lap after Fransson who won. If Markus hadn´t decided to change tires he may have won ..... Fransson drove the same tires all time.

Niclas Johansson with S966 was second in the qualification but unfortunately the glue plug broke after some minutes so he couldn´t finish but he had the fastest lap times in the final.

Team Serpent Sweden.