My location: United States
Jun 2, 2010

The second round of the Spanish national Championship was held in the track of Zaragoza.

On Friday we had free practice and right from the beginning the 733 was responding perfectly, up to the point where I didn´t needed to change basically anything from my standard set-up of the car, which gave me plenty of time to test several new body´s.

On Saturday we had the qualifying heats and the car continued to be perfect, very fast and easy to drive, allowing me to keep a very competitive pace without risking the lap times at any moment. This took me to TQ the race with more than 4 seconds over Javier Hidalgo, who also drives a Serpent 733, making it 2 out of 4 direct qualified to the final.

This was just the second race of the year, proving that the car is at the highest level. With very few practice al of Serpent drivers are managing to find very competitive paces in all races that have been celebrated up to now.

The final had, once again, the issue of tire wear, so I decided to have a steady pace on the beginning, first to save some tires and second because due to the tire diameter being to high the car wasn´t so good as it was on the qualifying. Of course this started to change as the tires lowered their diameter. Edu Escandon put some pressure on me on the fist minutes of the final until he had an engine stop, around the 9th minute of the race. From here I stayed alone on the lead of the race building a comfortable gap, which took me to the final victory.

This time everything was OK in the technical inspection, a shame that this didn´t happened on the previous round since that would have given me two 1st positions, making it a very strong position to win the Championship.

Needs to be mentioned the presence of Josue Artiles, two times National Champion in Spain, to the Serpent Team. Unfortunately he couldn´t make it to the final on this his first race after almost a year (pitcrew error) , but for sure he will be one of the drivers to beat on the rest of the Championship.

Best Regards,
Victor Pelaéz
Team Serpent Spain