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Jun 1, 2010

Hepp was very quick at the race in Bad Breisig, and set TQ time with his NR powered Serpent 733.

Top-driver Daan Jacobs from Holland attended the West series 1st time to gain more international experience and on different track with his Sirio powered Serpent 733. 8 position after qualifying, but due to heavy rain decided not to run the final.

Meister with Mega powered Serpent 733 was in 10 spot, after some technical issues and a late arrival on saturday after his work-shift, so clear lack of track-time.

Lucien Zens was doing well with 733 as well and qualified for the final, but also did not run.

The Bad Breisig track in very nice, so its a pit the rain washed out the final, with many not starting due to the poor conditions.

In the end it was Rausch that won the race.

Thx to the club for s super race-weekend, next time dry !!

Team Serpent Germany/Holland

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