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May 30, 2010

Tedeschi (Serpent 966) won the 2010 EFRA EC-B Championship in Monaco.

Ermen (966) from Holland finished as 2nd 3/4 lap behind Tedeshi, with Ciurlante in 3rd. Ermen was later DQ-ed due to fueltank, which made Ciurlante 2nd and Lorenzi with Serpent 966/Max in 3rd.

Wood also had a strong race, but a loosening servo-arm on the steering blew his chances. As Wood was on a 1 tyre stop stirategy and all others on 2, would have given him very good chance to win this race too.

Colinet with 966 raced a good final and ended in nice 5th position.

Serpents Sarina Lechner made it to the final all the way from the 1/4 finals, super race and 8th in the end.

Final results
1. Tedeschi Alberto, Serpent 966/max (IT) – 178 Laps in 45:01.465
2. Ciurlante Andrea (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:01.957
3. Lorenzi Andrea, Serpent 966/max (IT) – 175 Laps in 45:05.047
4. Comoglio Emanuele (MON) – 174 Laps in 45:01.711
5. Colinet Gerald, Serpent 966/RB (FR) – 170 Laps in 45:12.225
6. Wood Tim, Serpent 966/megaDS4 (GB) – 165 Laps in 45:00.588
7. Federmann Maximilian (GER) – 159 Laps in 42:14.535
8. Lechner Sabrina, Serpent 966/max (GER) – 118 Laps in 45:08.517
9. Kurzbuch Simon (CH) – 97 Laps in 34:27.166
10.Ermen John, Serpent 966/RB (NL) – DQ

Grealt event for Serpent.

As Michael Salven reported form Monaco, the atmosfere in the Serpent Team was very good, and cooperation excellent. Serpent drivers were happyy with suppport and performance of the cars.

With Tq, 6 Serpent 966 in the final, and 2 on the podium, and a great win of Tedeschi, a super result.

The combination of a well performing 966 car, great team-work and excellent driving, creates this super result.

Congratulations to Tedeschi from Italy.

SerpentEurope, in close coperation with RB Products and Lechner rc race-shop, made an excellent support job, especially any thanks to the Lechner family.

Big thanks as well to the Monca RC Racing Club to host this event, and make it a memorable race.

All results can be found here:

Detailed reports on the EC and set-ups to follow comming week.

Thx to Sander and for images.

Team Serpent