My location: United States
May 17, 2010

hey guys and girls,

so after a long rainy and cold week in Lostallo we could make the qualis in the dry..
But for the bad weather we can't test a lot, and we have to make the best in the controll practice and Heats!On Saturday it was very windy for the last 3 quali..

In the end i could finish with my 733 and max engine at 20 position, so first Place in the 1/4 final... the times are really very close together and 33 drivers could make 19 laps!

On thursday at the opening ceremony I was in the top 5 for the best bodies! And a Thomas Eytard from french won it with the yellow body :-)

Best Serpent driver Dirk Stammler, followed by Joe Kerry, GB, Sabrina Lechner, GERMANY, Adam Catchpole, GB, Dominic Greiner, GERMANY, Jens Stark, GERMANY, Reto Felix, SWISS, Giacomo Moretti, SWISS, Stefan Günther, GERMANY, Jürgen Tellermann, SWISS, Jakub Franek, POLAND, Simon Wood, GB

On Saturday after the Qualificiactions they start with the Finals until the 1/64 Final.
My 1/4 Final was Sunday before the lunch time. Already comes the good weather, we had all dry and sometimes sunny but very windy. And the driverstand and pitlane was the wind extrem..

My 1/4 Final was perfect, i start from 1.Place and i finish with first Place with one lap in front of the other! My car, engine and tyres works perfect, Dad was the fastest Pitman with a lap time over 28.8 sec. And Veronica was helping him in the pitlane!

nd for the semifinal we had a very good plan, because i already know the track, the tyres etc. So we decide to running with an other Max-engine, we just had one problem that we don't know if i could make 5 minutes easy or not! So we started in the practice before the start to check everything, and I tooked the time out for check again my engines, car with big and small tyres! And than i started from 11th. place... My tactic was perfect, because many other pilots in my final had problems with 5 Minutes or/and the tyres were to small for 20 Minutes. But unfortunately an other German Driver from the xray Team crashed me two times in the final, and he tooked me in the out after the start the first time because i want to overtake him, and close to the end an other time :-((
So i had to say ciao ciao to Final and i finish the semi at 6th Place...

Dirk Stammler did a great job and he could drive with his Serpent 733 in the Final and finish there at second place, congratulation to him and his mechanics!!

I could finish after the race on 15. Position...
I would like to say a big big thanks to my great Mechanics and pitman Klaus, my sister Veronica and also Daniele helps us a lot..

And thanks to: Serpent, Max-Power, MLC-Fuel, Savox, my Candy-Team, RC Driver Team, TEAM-Titan and LMI-Racing

see you next week in Monaco for the EC B 1/8
ciao ciao sabrina

Sabrina Lechner