My location: United States
May 17, 2010

This is an amazing weekend and one that I may never forget, this is the prestigious Kamikaze Invitational Race held annually in May and is the biggest race in Southern California, The weekend started off a little slow for me but it got better as the race went on, there was a total of 9 qualifying heats, I was able to achieve my goal because of the great support I get from Paolo Morganti of Serpent and Sam of Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies, I am not satisfied with the first 3 qualifiers as I am only doing 19 laps on a 5 minute qualifier, Paolo and Jon Prather are the only ones that is making 20 lappers, Jon was fast the whole weekend he was on fire! so by the end of the first day of qualifying I was only seating on the 5th spot, Paolo wondered if there is something wrong with my car, so he went through my car and gave his personal touch, then we went on and try the car until I felt satisfied on how it handles, I was happy that night feeling confident that I can go faster on the next days last qualifier, then on the next day I was on a mission to make 20 laps, Sam gave me some advise on what to do on the last qualifier, so I stayed focus and drive the best I can on the last qualifier, sure I got 20 laps and now I am in the 3rd position, not only I felt confident but I know I am on to something! then I went on to prep the car for the main, I made sure everything is up to par on my 966, we ask Sam how big we can start off with the tires for the main as this track is harsh on tires, then on the start of the main, I got punted right off the start and end up last, I have to drive conservative at the beginning so my tires will last me throughout the main, Paolo was leading the race from the start and was 3 laps ahead of Jon who is in 2nd spot which he have 2 laps over the 3rd, I was seating in the 4th position and made a crucial mistake that set me back to 5th, now the unthinkable happened, Jon's motor developed a problem with 8 minutes remaining and soon stalled, then Paolo also have to retire with 3 minutes left due to a servo horn on his steering servo broke! that put me in the 3rd spot, overall I was happy with the result as this is my first podium in an A main driving my 966, the car is awesome!

I would like to thank:
First and foremost my parents, without my Mom and Dad none of this would be possible, I would probably be doing nothing all day, and not out meeting such great people.

Special Thanks to SAM of Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies for all the help and support he has given not only me but to every kamikaze member, or any driver, without his support I could have not even been able to run this weekend,

Special Thanks to Paolo Morganti of Serpent America for all of his tech secrets and all the time he spent with me and others working on our cars, no matter how many time I went to him, he wouldn't mind. He really wanted to see me do well and for that I say thank you.

Team Kamikaze : Thank you guys for keeping me cool and relaxed, I had a great weekend as always with you guys, It was a fun weekend with all the members and hopefully many many more to come.

And finally to:
GLENN WILLIAMS of G.L.A.R.C.R.C: For hosting the event and making the traction consistent this weekend, the layout was good and all of the prep was much appreciated by not only me but many others that ran, Thank you for having a smooth race program and keeping on track with everything.

Special thanks to Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies for sponsoring this event, it will be in my memory for a long time.

Till next time,
Christian Lopez