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May 10, 2010

n the 8-9:th of May the Swedish Cup kicked off in Vaxjo south of Sweden!
Unfortunately the weekend brought very cold weather around, 5 degree and light rain in two days, not so fun but despite that drivers was very eager to race again after a long winterbreak. After the qualifications result was not as normal as some only drove a few laps to save the cars and test tires for the finals.
The running times of the finals was shortend due to the demanding conditions, in the end the result came out as follows.

1:10 NT 200mm
1. Mikael Fransson
2. Alexander Hagberg
3. Per-Ola Hard Serpent 733
4. Thomas Nasstrom Serpent 733
5. Emelie Karlsson Serpent 720

Fransson won one lap ahead of Hagberg, with Hard with his Serpent 733 car one and a half lap down on Hagberg.
Strong performance by young female Serpent driver Emelie Karlsson as well as Tomas Nasstrom.

1:8 IC Track
1. Mikael Fransson
2. Patrik Johansson Serpent 966
3. Marcus Lindner Serpent 966
4. Christoffer Hedlund
5. Bertil Karlsson Serpent 966

Fransson showed how a car should be driven also in the wet and won a few laps ahead of Johansson, with Lindner just 3 seconds behind, both running Serpent 966.

Congratulations to Mikael Fransson for his double victory in round 1!

Full result can be found on RCM:[1]=arv&dId[E]=3317&pId[E]=1

Thanks to my loyal sponsors; Serpent, Xceed, RB, Merlin, GQ

Looking forward to my next race the Nordic Championships/Pre-Euros in Gothenburg Sweden!

Happy Racing,
Peo Hard
Team Serpent