My location: United States
May 3, 2010

Dear Racers,

On the last weekend we meet us again for the second south round in Greuthof. It’s a small track in the middle of the forest... But unhappily the weather forcast was very bad and full of rain, so a lot of pilots cancel the race!
And in the end we were just a few drivers but we had a lot of fun and also good luck with the weather. On Saturday we had just in the lunch a bit rain but for the two Qualifacations heats we had all dry and everybody could race!
My Dad and I we had a hard mecchanic work this weekend, and we let drive the twins; Veronica with the 720 and Franziska with 966 in the Hobby Cup class.
They booth do a great job and the driving was really very well! Than we had also to help many other Serpent drivers like Maik Reiman, Katharina and Stefan Hein, Joe Sturm etc.

On Sundaymorning we had 4 other Qualis, but we could race just 2 because the track was still wet from the night.. So we have to wait and pray for good weather.
And we had much luck after the lunch brake we could start with the first Final 1/8 for the Hobby Cup class and the track gets slow dryer and dryer. So Franziska go with Maiks old 960 rain-car on the start, because with our car was impossible to race in the rain, but unfortunately we had to adjust something on the set up because the car was not easy enough for her and we lost a lot of time after the start. But than we solder fast the small problems and she could finish the race after 30 minutes on 6. Position, she had really a hard fight, but she did the best what she can do!

After we could start the 1/10 Final hobby Cup class and south german round, the booth classes drove together. The track was already dry now. And after a 30 minutes hard final Veronica could finish on 4. position, and with this result she won the first south Hobby Cup race for 2010.
She was really very proud about her first victory also here a big compliment to her and to the Pitman-Dad Klaus.

Around 3o’ clock was the last Final for the day, the 1/8 Finale Klasse I + II.
Also there we had a hard fight between Manu and Jenny with the 966. The two were fighting for the pole, but Jenny made a small mistake and Manu could go in front, behind was Jenny and on third place we had Oliver L. also with the 966.

1. Manu Dietrich - Klasse I Finale Serpent 966
1. Oliver Lembeck - Klasse II Finale Serpent 966

Also here congratulations to the serpent victories drivers and mechanics.
During the race we had around 13 Serpent driver in 1/8 and 1/10, also thanks to the great serpent crew with mecchanics...

I would like to say a big thanks to the race organisation Freddy Dietrich and for the great eat during the weekend!
Thanks to Fun & Drive for the serpent suport in the pitlane and during the race.

See you in lostallo for the EC 1/10 B
Take care, Sabrina