My location: United States
May 3, 2010

The Motonica race was held in Las Vegas on May 1st and 2nd, I was basically there to support the racers, me and Steven Muller arrive late Friday night so we can relax and show up at the track early Saturday, when we arrive at the track Everyone was already getting ready for the 1st round of qualifying, 3 rounds of qualifying went smoothly and was done by 4:00PM, then comes the 35 lap shootout, this is a no holds bar race, meaning no turn marshal will be available, your pitman is your turn Marshall, it started with Sedan then 1/8 scale, our own Tony Clark (wearing Orange Serpent shirt) won the 35 lap race driving brilliantly with his 966 stretching the lead comfortably and cruising towards victory, the 35 lap race lasted 12 minutes, then comes the concourse which is won by Robert Rodriguez with a nicely painted Blitz PT09 on his 966, this is Robert's first race with the 966 and did pretty good in the race, he was never in contention with his previous car, he was overall very happy on how the 966 handles and really happy with the support he is getting from Serpent America/Kamikaze driver Steven Jackson.

In the A main Scott Kimbrow was in the 2nd position right from the start, the strategy is simple, do a 5 minute pit stop and no tire change which clearly gave him the advantage because the leader of the race is doing a 4 minute pitstop and is going for a tire change, but luck ran out when the rear belt broke on the 30 minute mark, he was within 6 second behind the leader when it happened, so that pretty much conclude this past weekends race.

Samuel Sim
Kamikaze Rc Racing