My location: United States
Apr 28, 2010

The race was held in Gubbio (the track of the European Championship of 2009) the first race of the Italian championship, the forces in the field were many, Ielasi, Crossbows, Tironi, angelo, Spataro, De Felice, Duina, Barbera and many others, sounds like a world championship final.

Let's start on Thursday where the car shows just fast enough to get the time up to 15.7.

Friday controlled trials distorted due to heavy rain, damp Friday night 1st heat, and once in the heat, closing the evening with a provisional pole, with my Serpent 733 !!

Saturday morning still wet track, the track improves times but no, they move to the third battery, dry track, in pole position until the first full, for problems where we are going to assess due to the carburetor, the engine gets fat leading off and scored But the new track record. Saturday morning semifinal game suffered badly, because we had the same problem of battery, causing the pits to StOSt carburetion and so, losing a total of 24 seconds (one and a half turns) after six minutes of the match, after But with an extraordinary stay here, we can close the gap and still win the the semifinal against Barbera and giving each other a second semi-final which saw the winner Dario Balestri.

That brings us to the final with the number 5. In the final again carburetion problems that led us to withdraw from the race.

However, though a great weekend that saw us always competitive, offering ease of driving the 733 car and engine performance which led to even get the track record in Gubbio.

ciao ciao
Alessio Mazzeo
Team Serpent Italy