My location: United States
Apr 20, 2010

1. South Round for the German Champ in September

On Friday night we arrived in Bamberg for the first south race to the German Champ.
The Track was for Saturday open for free practice until 16.00 o clock in the afternoon. We had always 10 Minutes practice for 1/8 and after 1/10.

My Serpent 966 was really great, we started with the set up from Fiorano, and it works also perfect there, we just change small things! We tried a lot with the artec and zytec bodies and tyres for the final. With very big and small tyres! And the car was always good and the lap time very constantly.
The lap time was quiet fast and very close to the track record!

Dominik Mayer and I we made a few times the new record, and now he takes the record with
15,169 

We had planed 5 heats because we were only around 50 Drivers.

The Rankinglist after 5 Qualifications:
1/8 Klasse 1+2:
1. Dominik Mayer 27 07:06.091
2. Sabrina Lechner 27 07:08.399 - Serpent
3. Maximilian Vogl 27 07:10.972
4. Sascha Wettengl 27 07:14.488 - Serpent

6. Manu Dietrich, Serpent
8. Oliver Lembeck, Serpent
12. Maik Reiman, Serpent
15. Michael Henschel, Serpent
16. Stephan Hein, Serpent
21. Katharina Hein, Serpent
23. Stephan Hatarik, Serpent

Scale 1/10:
1. Eric Dankel 25 07:13.222
2. Robert Pietsch 25 07:16.922
3. Patrick Nähr 24 06:59.429
4. Christoph Pietsch 24 07:01.469

6. Dirk Stammler, Serpent
7. Steve Baumgarten, Serpent
13. Stefan Günther, Serpent
19. Dominik Greiner, Serpent

But it was not always easy to make fast qualifications because we have in Germany in the moment not so many 1:8 scale drivers. So we have in the heats faster and slower guys. There are only 4 drivers they took 27 laps. And in 7 Minutes we had some laps more than the other drivers. So in the end we just need to finish the heats without crash 

My Final was like the same at the Qualis. Was not so easy and we must be very concentrated to the other drivers that we don’t crash our cars. Dominik was in front and i was always behind. My tactic was like this, because 30 minutes of final was not so easy for the tyres. And the the last 10 minutes we had tyre problems but he becames slower, and i could go in front, but one minute for the end I made a mistake and I destroyed completely the car and body on first position! So Dominik could go again in front and won the race! And i must leave my race after 29 Minutes.

1/8 Klasse I:
1. Dominik Mayer
2. Sabrina Lechner – Serpent / Max Power
3. Maximilian Vogl

1/8 Klasse II:
1. Sascha Wettengl - Serpent
2. Stephan Hein - Serpent
3. Peter Graf

Scale 1/10:
1. Patrick Nähr
2. Dirk Stammler - Serpent
3. Christian Wimberger

A big thank to my mecchanics Klaus and my sisters Veronica and Franziska, they do again a great and fast job during the days and in the pitlane  also if I crashed the car before the end; but we had a nice weekend and a good organisation there!

And thanks to: Serpent, Max-Power, MLC-Fuel, Savox, my Candy-Team, RC Driver Team, TEAM-Titan, LMI-Racing und Ilia van Gastel für die Artec

At the first race we had around 13 Serpent Pilots with 1/8 and 1/10. Also here a big thanks to the serpent crew in Bamberg.

Take care and see you soon,
Team Serpent Germany