My location: United States
Apr 18, 2010


Dear Race-friends,

about Eastern we took the decision to go to fiorano for some tests for the EFRA GP and holidays.
At least we had a perfekt time there and always good waether around 20°C and eat! From the organisation was everything like always perfect.

The free practise for the EFRA GP started on Wednesday untile Thursday lunch time. In the afternoon arrived Franky Noens from EFRA and Alessandro Pafundi from AMSCI. And they organized a control practise in heats with 12 drivers, that everybody could test a lot.

On Friday we had control practise in new heats, we had 8 groups à around 10 driver. The federation made after this new heats for the qualifying. They made a ranking list with the fastest 3 consequtive laps.

I was fast with my 966 and Maxpower! My laptime was very constant and I was really very happy, we found a perfect set up, and tested really a lot of different things.

On Saturday morning we started with the Quali. In the first heat i just tried to finish easy the heat.
And after this my plan was to push. But unfortunately i had in every heat some problems, and i just drove 26 laps 7.01. So i was in the ¼ Final at 7. position. I just finished at 32. position after the 5 Qualifications.

Categoria: 1/8 Classifica a Tempo – after 5 Qualifications:
1 12 Collari Lamberto [Ita]LAP 28 07:11.559 Kyosho / Novarossi
2 48 Pietsch Roberto [DE]LAP 28 07:12.345 Mugen / Novarossi
3 14 Cristiani Andrea [Ita]LAP 28 07:12.633 Serpent / MAX / Enneti
4 56 Salemi Walter [Ita]LAP 28 07:14.653 Motonica / MAX
5. Alberto Picco 28 07:15.290 Serpent / Picco
6. Robin D’Hondt 28 07:15.800
7. Andrea Lorenzi 27 07:01.273 Serpent / Max
8. Marco Vanni 27 07:02.455
9. Mattia Pesenti 27 07:02.975
10. Stefano Gandin 27 07:03.328

Saturday night was the first time that we had bad weather and it started to rain, so the track was completely slippery. But the EFRA had a perfect idea and they kept the timetable one hour later! So we had luck and we could race in the dry. The first finals had some problems with wet, but after a few minutes the track became better and better!

Around midday was my ¼ Final start. I made a perfect start and i just go on second place behind Salemi. But he made a mistake and so i could go in front, after a few laps i was an half lap in front the other. But suddenly my clutch was not perfect and the spring opened, and I couldn’t go fast anymore... I couldn’t take the first position over a 20 Minutes Final, so i lost a lot of time and i finished at 4th Place. I just needed 2 seconds, but the race was over there for me!
In the Classifica Finale Ranking i could finished at 26. Place.

1 2 Pietsch Roberto [DE] 170 45:11.842 15.168 Mugen/Novarossi
2 3 Cristiani Andrea [Ita] 169 45:03.079 15.130 Serpent / Max / Enneti
3 8 Ielasi Daniele [Ita] 166 45:01.814 15.524 Shepherd/idm
4 7 Pesenti Mattia [Ch] 165 45:08.922 15.432 Motonica/Novarossi
5 4 Salemi Walter [Ita] 165 45:09.923 15.429 Motonica/Max
6 5 D'Hondt Robin [B] 160 43:33.196 15.320 Motonica/JP
7 6 Romagnoli Michele [Ita] 128 34:22.767 15.254 Mugen/Novarossi
8 10 Lorenzi Andrea [Ita] 124 45:04.992 15.293 Serpent / Max
9 1 Collari Lamberto [Ita] 104 45:14.092 15.155 Kyosho/Novarossi
10 9 Solaroli Stefano [Ita] 48 14:38.769 15.558 Motonica/Sirio

I would like to say big thanks to family Gesualdi, EFRA and AMSCI for the perfect organisation on the track and during the race!

A big thank to my mecchanics Klaus and Franziska, they do again a great and fast job during the days and in the pitlane J

And thanks to: Serpent, Max-Power, MLC-Fuel, Savox, my Candy-Team, RC Driver Team, TEAM-Titan, LMI-Racing and Ilia van Gastel vor the Xceed Artec body.

Take care and see you soon,
Team Serpent