My location: United States
Apr 18, 2010

The race this weekend with Serpent 733, did not went very well due to problems with electronica in the wet / rain.

I used that setup, it had no springs pink, used the blue and the car was still good.

On Saturday the ground was dry and we ran very well and good times with Serpent 733 / Mega.

Sunday was a lot of rain and had problems with radio, thinking it was water in the receiver, even managed to go to semi final, failed to pass because of problems with the servos.

Race in rain without anti-roll bar behind, with springs behind yellow and green in front.

The Serpent 733 car has always been mechanically very good, shame for the bad electronic problems.

Better next race, hopefully dry !!

Best regards,
Joao Malveiro.
Team Serpent Portugal