My location: United States
Apr 11, 2010

The first round of the BRCA 200mm nationals was held at Stonehaven in Scotland last weekend where the Muchmore GP is usually held and reigning champion Kyle Branson sent us this report.

Despite severe weather warnings the weather wasn’t too bad. Saturday was a wet start but eventually dried out after a few hours. The grip wasn’t too bad to start off with but gradually increased throughout the day. Our main aim was to try and lower tire wear, due to the nature of the track it was very high. My car was good all day Saturday and I managed to set the fastest lap just ahead of Adam Catchpole. Practice finished at 6:00pm and just after, the rain had started which lead to a wet Sunday morning. In the first round of qualifying everybody had to make a decision on what tire to use and most people went on a rubber tire.

I set TQ just ahead of Adam Catchpole in second and Joe Kerry in third, In the second round the track was drying rapidly and I made a wrong choice on tires and Joe Kerry took pole just ahead of Johnathan Dobney. In the third round the track was basically dry and everybody was on normal dry tires. I set TQ on 20 laps with Joe Kerry in second on a fast 19 and Johnathan Dobney a couple of seconds behind him. In the final round I didn’t improve my time due to a mistake and the top 3 stayed the same.
Qualifying top 10:
1. Kyle Branson – 20/ 312.24 / Serpent 733
2. Joe Kerry – 19/ 301.36
3. Johnathan Dobney – 19/ 303.24 Serpent 733
4. Simon Wood – 19/ 309.18
5. Adam Catchpole – 19/ 310.36 Serpent 733
6. Neal King – 19/ 310.90
7. Alex Thurston – 18/ 303.46
8. Lee Stokes – 17/ 303.25
9. Devendra Mahatme – 17/ 317.02
10.Matthew Cook – 17/ 318.43

In the final I got off to a good start leading from Joe in second and Johnathan in third, unfortunately Joe hit some debris on the straight and crashed which broke his car and this gave second to Johnathan. The race ended with me wining, Johnathan in second and Adam Cathpole in third.
Final top 10:
1. Kyle Branson – 111/ 1811.99 Serpent 733
2. Johnathan Dobney – 109/ 1804.30 Serpent 733
3. Adam Catchpole – 108/ 1800.57 Serpent 733
4. Simon Wood – 106/ 1805.94
5. Alex Thurston – 105/ 1805.44
6. Matthew Cook – 97/ 1817.32
7. Lee Stokes – 94/ 1814.34
8. Devendra Mahatme – 87/ 1809.73
9. Neal King – 54/ 965.19
10.Joe Kerry – 31/ 511.38
Thanks to Kyle Branson and for the report.