My location: United States
Mar 30, 2010

The Recent RCX show in Southern California held an On Road race in Fairplex Pomona, California on March 20 and 21 hosted by GLARCRC, I was out of the On Road scene for a year and wanted to come back and race, I have a 966 which I bought last year when it 1st came out, I drove it a few times last year and was not happy on how the car handled, so I put it away frustrated, I am kind of a shy person that does not want to ask for help, but when I heard about this race I decided I wanted to be back, that is when I called Sam from Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies and ask him if he can help me with the car, I know he does a good job setting up cars and every car he touch always podiums, so I brought my 966 to his shop and left it with him and hope he does his magic, after a week I went to pick up my 966 and the car has all the latest stuff on it, so the following weekend, I showed up at the track and Sam was already there waiting for me so he can see me drive the car, to my surprise the car is night and day compared to how it handled before Sam really put on his magic touch, He made some final adjustment and I was soon turning fast laps during practice, the 966 was a dream to drive, Sam suggested the tire shores to run and to my surprise it becomes even easier to drive, I TQed every round breaking my own record, so I knew that it is going to be an easy Victory for me on the main.

On sunday me and Sam talked about the strategy for the main, so I kept my game plan from the start of the race to the finish, Sam pitted for me and boy was he fast on refueling the car "3 seconds is all it takes for him to refuel the car" by the end of the 30 minute main I was 11 laps ahead of the 2nd place finisher! (he actually bought a 966 after the race from Sam) Definitely the best race with the best car and the best mechanic I have ever had. I would like to thanks Sam from Kamikaze Rc Racing for doing a Fantastic job on my Serpent 966! I would also like to thank the whole Team Kamikaze and Paolo for the support!

Tony Fileccia
Team Kamikaze
Serpent 966