My location: United States
Mar 25, 2010

The weekend had a rainy forecast and unfortunately they weren´t very wrong. On Friday, it wasn´t until the afternoon when the track dried out and all drivers took the opportunity to test their cars. To start with, I used the basic set up, having acceptable results, taking into account that there was going to be very little time for testing. Nevertheless I managed to make subtle set up changes that worked fine and the car was really competitive on dry conditions.

Saturday woke up with a wet track and the day was very ackward, with dispersed rain and small periods of sun. It wasn´t until the third heat when I had the opportunity to drive on a dry surface and I managed to qualify third, which meant that at least I qualified direct to the final, and taking into account the difficult conditions, was more than positive for the first national race driving the 733.

Sunday was pretty much different with a completely dry track and with relatively high temperature, something very different to what we had the whole weekend.

The main task in the final was to preserve the tires as the wear was massive and more than probable the race will be won by the one with the best strategy. Mine, was to start with a slow pace, at least for the first half of the race and push in the second half if necessary. Soon results started to come with several cars having to change tires, and I was first about the 20 minute. In the end, though very tight, I won the race.

Unfortunately in the technical inspection my car was penalized due to the fuel tank being few cc oversized. Of course this was a very sad news not only for me but for all team serpent who had been working and giving support through out the whole weekend. Nevertheless the car was performing very good and now we are looking forward to the next national race.

Victor Pelaez
Team Serpent Spain