My location: United States
Mar 25, 2010

3 -2 – 1 – Champion!

The past weekend saw the final race of the season in the DRCMU touring car Winter Championships 2009/2010.
The race took place in Aarhus, Denmark. I was yet again on site in my pursuit for the championship in the Super Stock (17.5T/LiPo) class. Prior to the race I was trailing one point and rather safe in regards to maintain a spot on the over all podium.

In the past two seasons I have finished 3rd and 2nd in the Super Stock division – but this winter it was to be different.

Saturday was open for practice. We were handed a very tight and technical layout, but my Serpent actually seemed OK on the track. Lap times were soon in the front end of the participant, but some ESC flicks had my concern.

I borrowed another ESC and for the final practice on Sunday morning, and things were looking very good. Fast lap times at the very front of the Super Stock class. But four or five guys were running at TQ pace, so it looked to be yet another exiting race with fierce battle for positions.

I have to say I was pretty nervous going out to the first qualifier. I knew what had to be done in order to win the championship. Run fast enough to take the TQ spot and then win the race. Then nothing could take it away from me. And with race wins in the last two races, I knew the way to victory lane.
That in mind I made a concentrated and controlled run. I quickly gained a seconds lead, and as the ones closest to me on times made mistakes, I was able to win the first round of qualifying with about 3-4 second.
At the second round I felt a bit more confident at tried to push the tempo a bit. This time out a made minor mistakes, but nothing critical in any way. It was close to the finish line, but I managed to take yet a round win with the FTQ of 23/5,00.03 – It would have been nice with a 24 lapper…
The margin in this round was only just above half a second. SO very close racing!
In the final round I was pushed of track by a competitor being lapped, so I retired from the heat, knowing that my TQ spot had been secured after my win the first two rounds. I was on a 24 lap run and had set the fastest lap of 12.69.

With the TQ honors I was one point and one step closer to securing the DRCMU Championship, after two seasons almost getting there.
In the first A-main of the Super Stock class, I made a controlled start, making sure not to miss a turn or make a fatal mistake. I got the first two laps in and then easily began to extend my lead a bit, just to get some breathing room. This I was able to maintain to the finish line and thereby yet a step closer to victory.
In the second main the start went well again, but this time I didn’t have the luck to make the gap needed. I stressed a bit and made a small mistake allowing the leader of the championship, Palle Hornum to pass for the lead. I quickly got back on the track and with in two laps I was the hunter putting pressure and looking for the place to put in my attempt to overtake. This was very hard as the track was very narrow and technical, so there was no really place to overtake. About half way into the heat Palle caught a dot and went of line. This I quickly used to take the inside for the next corner and retake the lead. In the followind turn the cars were side by side, but respect and fair race carried us both through, still with me in the lead. Palle tried to get really close and make an attempt to overtake me, but he never got close enough to be able to finish his attempts. There fore I could pas the line as winner of the heat, winner of the race and winner of the DRCMU Winter Championship in Super Stock.
Simply fantastic!
In the final main I made a mistake early on and was down as 4th. I raced for the lap times, but “only” clocked yet a 12.69. I finished 2nd in the final main.
But the championship was secured and that with a margin of only one point.

It’s a great feeling to finally be able to crown my RC CV with my first DRCMU Championship. I have been close several times now, but now I’ve made it. It’s a very strong championship here in Denmark, and it is always attended by some of the best Denmark can muster.
This is also my third winter with the Serpent S400, and it feels super great to have been on the podium all three season with this car. I hope the future will be just as good – or even better.
I am also very happy about taking three out of four race wins. I hope this tendency can and will continue.

Yet again I have to send my thanks and regards to Serpent and Xceed for their support. Without them I might not have been able to win this championship.
But also a bit thanks to friends and competitors who many has helped me to this championship in one way or another, from help and support to great racing experiences.
Thank you all.

With RC-regards

Nicolai Nielsen
Serpent Team Denmark