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Feb 23, 2010

2nd race of fintrack national championship series.

On Saturday 20th of february it was time to our 2nd 1:12 carpet indoor race in Finland. The race was held in Tampere in a big sports hall. The weather was cold inside the hall all day because of the cold weather season in Finland.

Again there was lot of Finnish top 1:12 drivers like Simo Ahoniemi, Teemu Saarinen, Vesa Yli, Tom Kalves (Serpent), Tony Raikas and Pekka Koivula (Serpent).

The race track was technical and a bit bumpy. In first practise runs grip came up and in the qualifying it was okay.

In qualifying Vesa Yli was in good speed and won all 4 round of qualifying Simo Ahoniemi in 2nd and Pekka Koivula in 3rd. After qualifying there was 2 Serpent in A final, Tom Kalves 10th and Pekka Koivula 3rd.

In the first final Pekka got good start and followed Vesa and Simo close behind. In about 4 minutes mark Simo made a mistake and Pekka could pass him and came 2nd, while Vesa won the final. Tom Kalves was 8th.

In the second final there was more fight between Pekka and Teemu Saarinen, in some point Teemu broke his rear tires which made his car rear end a little loose and forced him to drive slowly. In the end Pekka was 3rd and Tom was again 8th. Again Vesa won the final and the whole race by winning two first finals.

In the last final Vesa didn´t drive because of two wins in previous finals. The race was close between Simo and Pekka, and they changed positions few times in first 4mins, in half way Pekka managed to get about 1 second lead over Simo and while Simo tried to drive faster he made a big mistake in chicane. After that there was no pressure on Pekka and he cruised to win the final and take overall 2nd for Serpent. In the last final Tom was 7th, and overall 9th.

Overall result was as follows:

1. Vesa Yli, Carpet Ripper
2. Pekka Koivula, Serpent S120T
3. Simo Ahoniemi, Corally
4. Tony Raikas, CRC
5. Teemu Saarinen, CRC
6. Viljami Kutvonen, Carpet Ripper
7. Panu Vehniäinen, Carpet Ripper
8. Matias Kuusinen, Xray
9. Tom Kalves, Serpent S120T
10. Joni Minkkinen, Carpet Ripper

Team Serpent Finland