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Feb 15, 2010

Hello fellow racers,

This past week was the annual Winternats held at the traditional Fort Myers track. Last year I won the sedan class and was hoping to repeat. I showed up on Sunday for the first day of practice. Myself and Paolo got there and started running in motors and just getting a feel for how the traction was going to be. For the first day I decided to start with just the 1/8 scale and would save the 2nd day of practice for the sedan. That way there would be more traction and I could start working on the chassis. From the start of the week I felt like neither of my cars were getting as good as I wanted. My 1/8 scale was fast, but very inconsistent and my sedan was pushing going in and loose on power. I worked on this for the first 4 qualifiers and finally just set my 1/8 scale to be drivable and for my sedan I just kept working on the chassis. My power was good in both classes and I just needed to find a comfort zone.

I tested some things in 1/8 scale and found a good balance with a change to some roll centers and a softer suspension in the front. This allowed me to have a smoother car and get the rear end to carry the speed I was looking for at the apex. In sedan I search for a setup most of the week and did not find it till the final. My car was at its best for the final. I guess that is a good thing and the best time to find it.

For the first final it was sedan and I felt good. In the warm up I was able to drive easy and still be really fast. I just knew it could be a repeat for sure. At the start of the final we all got a clean start and half way through the first lap I made a move on the inside of the 5th place car. We both came out of the turn together and we bumped and I did not have a good line and did not want to crash, so I backed off to follow to the next turn. I guess from the bump I had the steering linkage pop off and the car just went straight in the wall. My pitman got the car and it took about 3 laps to get it fixed. At this point I was dead last and just gave it all she had from that point on. I started turning some fast laps and made my way through the field. That combined with some racers making error or having issues, I was able to get to 4th place on the same lap as Paul Lemieux.

Then I heard he had a problem and I was now in 3rd and getting some of my laps back on Burch. He made an error in tire choice and I was making up ground fast. At a last attempt to keep in position towards the end of the race he made a tire change on one tire in hopes he could hold on. I made a hard push till the end and ended up about 1.5 seconds short. I would have needed about 1 more minute and maybe could have caught him, but that's racing and its was exciting for sure. In 1/8 scale my qualifying struggles continues and in the warm up I was tired mixed with a car that was not really good. The changes I made for the final did not work to well and at the start of the race my car was shifting immediately into 2nd gear and my timing was all off. I ended up clipping a flapper and it sailed my car into the board opposite of the flapper. It broke the front bulkhead and that was the end of the my 1/8 scale final. It was a less than great finish to the end of a very long week. Happy in the end with the lessoned learned for 1/8 scale and the chassis changes for the sedan. My sedan was great in the final and I just had some bad luck.

I would like to thank the entire Fort Myers crew for holding a great event and I look forward to the shorter version for next year. A special thanks to the 2 main people that pitted for me all weekend. Ronnie in sedan and Chris in 1/8 scale. also to my sponsors who make my racing possible. Serpent, Serpent America, XceedRC, Novarossi World, Twister Tires USA, ATS, Airtronics, Faskolor and Paintin Pete.

Till Next Race,

DJ Apolaro

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