My location: United States
Feb 10, 2010

Hi racers!

I ran my first race with the 966 after my return to Serpent at the Cerdanyola Modelcar Track.
Where in one month the first race of the Spanish Championship will be.
So it’s a good opportunity to test the car with different setups and get confident with the track.

We arrived at the track on Saturday morning (the race was only for one day), and the track was very dirty. After some practise the car feels ok and the race starts.

Because I didn’t know the track very well, i crashed my 966 in the first two runs!
In the third run i did a clean run and i take the third place of the final grid just behind Villegas and Echarri, good local drivers.

With the information of the qualification rounds I change some things on the car in order to improve the setup for the final. After a good start I could take the lead very early and I could maintain it all the final doing also the fast lap of the weekend.

So with the information of this racing day we are confident to make a good result in the first race of the Spanish Championship.

Till next time!

Nacho López

Serpent Spain