My location: United States
Feb 10, 2010

Dear Racers let the season start

Saturdaymorning at 4am we went to Italy for a friendrace!!
80 Pilots were there in 3 classes (1/10, 1/8 and Rally 1/8) When we start in Germany we found a lot of snow on the streets, but in Italy it were better!! The track was at 8.00 o clock open for free practice, but nobody could drive because it was wet...

At 12.00 am we could start for free training!! And the afternoon the organisation planed 2 qualifaction and the the 3. on sundaymorning!!
Klaus was drving with the S733. the car was really very good and fast!! But unfortunately we had technical problems in all heats, so we build the car like new and hope to solved the problems for sundaymorning!!

On Sunday we had the last chance... And after he could drive the last qualifaction!
The Rules were different, we were driving with A,B,C- Final (every final get his winner). So Klaus was on 14. Position (B-Finale; F1)

The Start and the first 10 minutes was very good he was on second place! But after the engines change the temperature and gets very hot and change between lean and rich... he must make 3 pitstops for adjust the motor and he lost a lot of time!! After stop also the engine.. but after a final race over 30min he could finish on 3. place!!

Thanks to all,
See you soon again

Sabrina Lechner