My location: United States
Jan 31, 2010


Maybe not victory in the race, but definitely for Serpent and Tom Kalves as he managed to take third place in the high level competition C-12 class 30.1.2010.

Waiting for the grip to get better in the heats, Tom suffered a little with understeering. With some set-up changes and changing from double pink front / pink rear to magenta all the round, it was able to keep comfortable close to laptimes set with Vesa Yli and Simo Ahoniemi, who both were running very fast and consistent. Vesa used a new BlackArt 004 body, which is not commonly available yet. Tom, among few, used BA003 but most popular seemed to be still the reliable PF speed 12, which also Simo and many more used.

After the grip got better, people started to dump the Lipo battery forcing to consider more motor / ESC / gear selections. In first final Tom finished 6th due to little understeering from too short front additive time. In second final Tom forced his way car by car up and had a good battle with CRC-driver Teemu Saarinen, who made a little mistake in final lap letting Tom to take the third place.

In the last final there was a good battle with Simo and Vesa, as both had won one final. Finally Simo took the first place. Another battle was between Teemu (4th) and Tom (5th). They drove lap after lap behind each other closing up the 3rd place man Tony Raikas, who got over taken by both at about 7 mins. Again Teemu made a small mistake in the last lap entering the straight and Tom immediately pushed through to grab 3rd place in total. So it was a very impressive first appearance for Serpent.

Serpents Pekka Koivula did not enter this race, but in tree week time we hope to see some good results in the next race. Till then,

Set-up here: