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Jan 25, 2010

Mark Green raced the Serpent S120 at the 4th round of the Carpet wars and Tq-ed and won the event, doing soem very fast laps / heats again.

12th scale heats have finished. Serpents Mark Green taking the win from Glenn Doman retro racer and Chris Delves.

Mark Green: 39 laps, Fastest lap 12.10
Glenn Doman: 39 + 6.71, Fastest lap 12.20
Chris Delves: 36, Fastest lap 12.49

12th Scale Round 2, Waiting for the results to come though.
OK the times are in. Another improvement for Mark Green, moving onto 40 laps this round. Glenn Doman didn't run any faster but keeps his place in the overall listings. Tom Reynolds is the big mover this round, coming up to 3rd with a very good run, 4th is Christopher Simons who bumped Chris delves down to 5th after pulling off.
Mark Green: 40 Laps, 492.42, Fastest lap, 12.03
Glenn Doman: 39 Laps, 492.87, Fastest lap, 12.25
Tom Reynolds: 38 Laps, 489.83, Fastest lap, 12.37

Round 3 12th scale. Shock News, Mark Green didn't improve, but don't worry it's not all bad for Mark, he keeps FTD and set a new fastest lap of 11.98, Retro Doman on the other hand did improve his time, moving closer to Mark, and Tom Reynolds 3rd.

12th Scale final round. Mark Green improved again this round, the Serpent never being headed all day so far. Glenn failed to improve this round but stayed 2nd overall. Other improver's at the Sharpe end were Tom Reynolds and Chris Delves.
So the top 3 for the final with there times are:

Mark Green: 40 Laps in 490.86
Glenn Doman: 39 Laps in 482.11
Tom Reynolds: 39 Laps in 486.95

The final when to form, Serpents Mark Green won from Glenn Doman, Glenn had a good start and looked to be able to keep pace with the TQ man, but due to a crash in the early laps there were a few cars being lapped very early on, it's always hard keeping clean when the speed difference is so high, and Glenn came off worst getting though the traffic, leaving mark to have the rest of the race all his own way, was really good to see Glenn taking it to Mark. Behind the fight for 3rd and 4th was not quiet so straight forward, and Chris Delves won't mind me saying that it was a little like the tortoise and the hare racing here, Tom Reynolds was faster than Chris, Chris kept his head though after a long battle with the bright pink car of Tom to come home 3rd and Tom 4th.

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