My location: United States
Dec 28, 2009

Daan Jacobs, a famous Dutch ace driver in the competitive 1/10 scale class in Holland, is to join Team Serpent in 2010 with Serpent 733.

Daan will race the Serpent 733 ( Sirio powered) in the Dutch and German races and in the EC in Sweden in 2010.

We welcome Daan back to the Serpent team and wish him well for the 2010 season, Just do it.... !

Below a brief interview.

Hello Daan

Welcome back in the Serpent Team

How was 2009 for you?

2009 was a year with ups and downs in the racing World.
It started really nice with a victory in the Dutch Championship and after that a 3rd place at the Euros B Aigen. After this great start, I was struggling a little bit.
Maybe I was flabbergasted, no of course not, but I made my mistakes and I had some great competition in the Dutch’s Championship and finished 3rd overall.

What are your test and race plans for 2010?

Of course I will compete in the Dutch’s Championship and beside that I also want to compete in the German Championship. Then we have the euros in Göthenborg (Sweden). For me the Word Championship is a little bit too much for now.
Besides I am still a student, and have to work at my study too. I think it is better to concentrate my self first at Europe.

What are your thoughts on the 733 design?

I am really impressed by the car!
Not only how it looks but also how it drives, great balance and high corner speed.
This al is based on what I have seen, so I am really looking forward to drive this car.

What’s your occupation?

I am still a student; I am now in my first year of University Media & Entertainment. Besides my study I am working at 2Brothers a RC Model shop in the Netherlands.

What are your strong points as a driver?

I think, I am a really consistent driver and can drive with my head (not physically, lol) and my main goal now is to get my lap times lower.

What was your best race-result so far?

That is my 3rd place at the euros B in Aigen.

Who is your most admired rc car driver and why?

As a Dutch’s men I’ll say Jilles Groskamp.
He has great driving skills, fast consistent and tight, but of course there a allot of other great names

Any favorite F1 team and driver?

For me the best driver at the moment is Lewis Hamilton, if you are looking to his history, how he worked his way-up till they F1, unbelievable.
He is a consisted, fast and don’t make many mistakes.
But if I have to choose for a team I will go for Ferrari!

Thx for the info and good luck in the 2010 season.

Thank You!
I am looking forward to the season of 2010.
But I also want to thank Xray for the last two seasons. They always support me great and I really enjoyed it , I want to thank my sponsor Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn Amsterdam (Griffioen) and of course the RC shop where I work, 2brothers RC.

I choose for Serpent also because it is a Dutch’s company. And with the promising car 733 this is an opportunity to improve myself to become a more complete driver.

Thanks Daan, all the best in the 2010 season !!

Team Serpent