My location: United States
Dec 20, 2009

Last weekend you saw the Hildesheim Christmas Cup taking place on the North German carpet near Hannover.
The last race for the year 2009 was held with the help of many AMC-Hildesheim members and about 27 drivers, who wanted to show off their skills on the track for last time.

Already in the practice heats on saturday you could see Thomas Plöger (Pro Stock) and Jürgen Hennemuth (Modified) setting really fast laps with their S400. Also competing this weekend was Merlin Depta, driving for 2-Speed Racing and LMI-Racing, like his mates Thomas and Jürgen.

The trio had a nice weekend, enjoying the comfortable and quick driving of the S400 and S120. We hope to see them again on the track next year, maybe at the EFRA GP in Hildesheim (1/8 Onroad).

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Team Serpent Germany