My location: United States
Dec 15, 2009

The weekend of December 12-13 was the 4th round of the Florida On Road Gas State Series at Kissimmee Raceway in Orlando, Fl. This was my second race on the new layout that was fun and hard to drive on. With DJ and Paolo not running sedan I had a good chance at winning but didnt want to get to excited. This race was special to me because it became my first TQ and second win with Serpent 733.

I got to the track Saturday morning around 7 am and it was chilly outside. The track was still a little damp when I decided to go out and practice for the first time. I started with the set-up I ran at the last state race at kissimmee, my car was very loose and hard to drive so I waited about 30 minutes to see if it was the track or my set-up. So I went out the second time and the car was still very loose. DJ was standing down in the pits and made a suggestion for me to try. So I went back to the pits and made the changes to my car. Man the next time I went out the car was awesome and easy to drive.
My 733 was pretty good in the first qualifier but I ran out of fuel because the motor was too rich. So I went back to the pits and Paolo tuned it up and I was ready for the next round. The second went good I set a new TQ with 16 laps in 5:02, the 733 car was great, the driver just needed to improve. Paolo had made suggestions for me to try the next day to improve my time.

I went back to the hotel and went threw my car and made the changes that Paolo suggested. I couldn’t wait for Sunday to come. I got to the track around 7:30 and went out to practice one last time before the last qualifier. The 733 car was great and better than the day before and had the ability to get 17 laps. Before the last qualifier I told my pit man Doug McNeely that all I wanted to do was get 17 laps and he said "go get em". So I did, I set a new TQ with 17 laps in 5:18. It was the only 17 lapper in sedan all weekend, I was so happy. I was able to turn a lot of mid to low 18 second laps and was trying to get into the 17's .

I prepared my car for the finals and was ready to race. I was very comfortable with the Serpent 733 in warm up, it felt really good. The race started and I pulled away from the feild and was able to take it easy. I was pitting every 5 minutes and was getting in and out of the pits in a hurry thanks to my pit crew Doug Mcneely and Rick Pinard, special thanks to those two, who did a great job all weekend. At the 20 minute mark I tapped the wall and broke the bumper and It was getting caught up in the wheel so I went into the pits to get it fixed. My pit crew was able to fix it, I came out of the pits about 2 laps down to the leader with 9 minutes left in the race.

I came in the pits with 5:10 left in the race for my final pit stop. I came out of the pits and l was on a mission to catch the leader who was now only 12 seconds in front of me, so I continued to drive my butt off. I was able to turn a 17.9 second lap time for the fast lap of the weekend in sedan. I final caught the leader and had about 2 minutes left to go, so I paced my self and tried to stretch a lead. Doug McNeely keep me calm and cool by telling me to be smooth, it helped a lot. I crossed the finish line with the win and took it home for Serpent.

I would like to thank my pit crew Doug McNeely and Rick Pinard for all the help, Paolo and DJ for the setup help, and Pete Pepe for the comedy in the pits and for being a great team mate .I would also like to thank all my sponsors: Serpent America, Maxy’s Fuel and Maxy’s Modified Engines, and RC Paintin Pete.

Till next race,
Chris Lefebvre
Team Serpent America