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Dec 13, 2009

Taiwan National GP Race Final Round.

Taiwan National GP race final round ,drivers from North and South of Taiwan came to this race ,
TQ was take by Wu Zheng-Chung from South of Taiwan, he also take 2nd. Championship title was taken by
Huang Yi-Hou. 3rd Yeh Ton-Cheng.

During race weekend weather is very nice, track had very high grip, so
it make all drivers can push their car to limit. The race became a very close battle, during 30mins Main Final, all top3 driver were in the same 128 lap , so the Champion was decide only in the very last lap.

Final Result.
Huang Yi-Hou 128Lap 30:00.828 Best Laptime 13.109 S966
Wu Zheng-Chung 128Lap 30:09.318 Best Laptime 13.392
Yeh Ton-Cheng 128Lap 30:14.033 Best Laptime 13.115 S966

From the Top 10 Drivers , 9 drivers choose Serpent S966.

This race also a Serpent Asia Tour Qualify race Final Round.

All winner can be sponsored for Race in Hongkong 2010 Serpent Asia Tour.

Team Serpent Taiwan