My location: United States
Dec 9, 2009

Over the past weekend of December 4-6, 2009, we raced in Kissimmee, Florida at the U.S. Open. It started out looking great and the facilities also looked amazing with the new surface and paint.

Wednesday, mid-day was the first time for me being on the track. Immediately my S-966 was really handling good. We were expecting rain but did not know it would rain for two days straight. Because of the delay one round of practice and qualifying were done in the last three hours on Saturday and the mains on Sunday.

Getting to the track on Sunday, the cold front had finally set in, and for South Florida 45 degrees is cold. With the temperature change and all the traction gone, my car was not as good as in practice. However, I stayed on top of my car, but luck was not on my side so I was not able to qualify well. Once the main started my car felt close to what it was the first day of practice before the rain. Paolo taking the TQ my concern was not Paolo, but to try and run a clean race.

I changed motors for the main knowing how fast everyone else was. I decided to put a real good and efficient motor in my car. This motor turned out to be really fast and efficient. I could pit every five minutes while everyone else pitting at about every 4:15 and 4:30, so I was gaining about 30 seconds per tank. I drove a steady fast pace and by midway point I was in 3rd.

On this same lap as second and Paolo two laps ahead of me. I knew I could move into second by next stop. After the stop I was then in second place and I was quite pleased with second behind Paolo. Suddenly, I heard the announcer saying that Paolo had fallen off the pace. Something had to be wrong , so I pushed because there was little time left at this point. A few laps later he flamed out. I regained a lap, then Paolo continued to have problems with his motor, so I moved into first and won with three laps over the field.

Thanks to Serpent America for the support. Hopefully, now you will see my name more often. Maybe my streak of bad luck has been lifted.

Till next time,
Sean Lue