My location: United States
Nov 9, 2009

2009 Gulf Coast Raceway Grand Prix

1/10th Open A-main
1st Mark Green 149 laps 45:07 Serpent 733
2cnd Paolo Morganti 147 laps 45:02 Serpent 733
3rd Scott Kimbrough 146 laps Kyosho
4th Michael Salven 143 laps Serpent 733
5th Ralf Burch, 138 laps Xray

Team Serpent travelled to USA, Houston, to do a test on the WC 2010 track in Houston, Texas and obtain some set-up data and see how the Serpent 733 performs on this typical USA style track.

Serpent ace driver Mark Green from the UK and Michael Salven came over from Europe and joined Paolo Morganti from SerpentAmerica, to test and work on the set-up together and assist local drivers in the mean-time.

Great results in qualifying with 3rd and 4th for Green and Paolo and 6th for Michael and a great win and podium for Paolo.

However the main reason was to test many different set-ups, tyres and parts, to learn a lot and prepare further for the 2010 warm-up race and the EC itself. The info will be shared with Serpent drivers attending the worlds lateron.

During the same event also the 1/8 Masters were raced.

The 1/8 Masters winner is Charlie Junkins driving a Serpent 966. He was also TQ for this class.

1/8th Masters A-main
1st Charlie Junkins 91 laps Serpent 966
2cnd Roger Bourland 89 laps
3rd John Cooper 86 laps
4th Steve Mclaughlin
5th Dale Jones
TQ Charlie Junkins 17 laps 5:16

We like to thank the 2009 Gulf Coast Raceway Grand Prix organisers.

The club is very well facilitated and did a great job. Its looking promising for the 2010 warm-up and Worlds. We are sure attenders will have a great time.

Team Serpent