My location: United States
Nov 2, 2009

Mark Green and Michael Salven, together with mechanic Stef Helvensteijn will travel to Houston, Texas to attend a test-promo race at the 2010 Ifmar WC track for 200mm GP.

Paolo Morganti, Serpent USA ace driver, will also race, to complete the Serpent test-team for this occassion.

Its an excellent occassion to test the Serpent 733 car on this WC track, and at the same time do some tech-clinics for the American drivers present, to assist them get the best out of their cars too.

So if you can make it to this race too, then please do, and exchange idea's with Michael as designer of the Serpent 733 and with Green, Stef and Morganti too.

See you there !

Team Serpent